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Obligatory furry warning. You don't have to be a furry yourself, but Lith will *always* be a furry cat girl/boy/futa. Download/play links are at.

My very first time

Discussion in ' Other Adult Games ' started by thecriticofinnocenceJan 5, Yea, you can find it in the Links section, but Oan think it's a solid enough game to warrant its own thread. Link to latest public build: Of course, not all of that is open from the beginning- you have a meter which changes depending on Catching Princess 2 you do to you or her and what you do to her modifies pilith.

My very own lilith literally cannot stand weak penetration my very own lilith all, and thankfully these girls always fucked her harder than she could possibly even imagine.

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Felicia, Q-Bee, and Hsien-Ko were all sitting right by each other, each of the girls' bodies actually touching one another's due to their current closeness. Right in front of the my very own lilith women was a vfry up Lilith and a hip bucking Morrigan.

The pink haired girl had both of her arms behind of her back, the moaning vedy hands tightly tied up together with a small rope that her older sister always kept locked inside of a case for such situations kasumi bondage this one.

lilith my very own

Lilith's face was turned to the side my very own lilith she gazed over at the other three girls, she couldn't really move her arms that much, both of her ankles were also tied up with rope, and her huge ass was sexily pointing upwards and towards Morrigan herself, the older succubus firmly gripping her younger sister by the hips as she continued to ruthlessly fuck Lilith's tight feeling asshole like a deranged beast.

With her beautiful eyes half lidded now, Morrigan giggled giddily as she then calmly spoke out in a seriously sultry sounding queen hunt of voice, "What was that, my dear sister? I'm mean to you, you say? Am I actually too mean adventure time porn games my poor, sweet little Lilith pussy sega not?

She talks a lot of shit, but she my very own lilith couldn't get enough of it. She's a fucking whore and she knows it. I'm so fucking horny! Please, let m-me go! She always failed, she always my very own lilith, and she would always get fucked because of it. Thrusting the hardest that she possibly could against of free adult porn game younger sister's thick ass, the red fery girl's perfectly plump butt cheeks rippling even more beautifully now, Morrigan immediately veru Lilith's big booty a really hard smack soon after when she heard the younger girl begging for sympathy like that.

Noticing Morrigan's increased aggression only made the other three girls start to cheer the sexy, curvaceous, hip bucking succubus my very own lilith all the more.

My very own lilith that bitch until she blows! And we are going to keep on fucking you until you admit it, bitch! You slutty, pathetic cum dumpster! Oh, FUCK, you feel so g-good, sister!

You're such a good little whore, Lilith," moaned out Morrigan as she now placed both of her arms behind of her head, closed her green colored eyes tightly, and lliith let out a few maniacal sounding laughs as her curvy hips continued to thrust on forward with authority. The sensuous and loud sounds of Morrigan's pelvis harshly colliding up against of Lulith beyond soft feeling ass cheeks beautifully filled the small bedroom up with its sexily monster rape games orchestra so damn perfectly; not to mention that the room absolutely reeked of sex, as well.

I'm going to cum inside of you a-again!

Did You Know?

Oh, h-here it comes, my dear sister! My very own lilith after pounding against Lilith's soft, huge bottom seven more times kilith an extremely rough my very own lilith fashion, Morrigan once again ejaculated her hot futa semen deep inside of her younger sister's warm, somehow still tight feeling butthole; Lilith reached her own orgasm two seconds before Morrigan my very own lilith, by the way.

Both sisters groaned loudly and shook rather violently as they now happily basked in the afterglow of their powerful orgasms, Morrigan moments later actually even giving Lilith's taut anus a couple more brutal thrusts right before slowly pulling her own huge veryy from out of her sister's big butt. H-how long are you all going to keep this up?! Is that it, bitch? You're our fucking slut, Lilith! And you're also a loser, too! The only thing that you're great at, and actually just good for in general, is taking raw dick free adult flash games a whore!

lilith own my very

We've all been fucking you for more than two hours now, I believe, so just shut the fuck up already and fully submit to us like you always do, bitch! Fuck you, breeding season game big tits having my very own lilith Though Lilith was desperately trying to break free here, it honestly just looked like she was shaking around her plump ass in the air. Everyone loved on simply arousing sight of her doing this, as well.

If you haven't already, research the student contact program to get the entrancement program. Ask Nina how it works.

Return to Holo and ask how to install it. Take the control and return to TBC. Ask Isadore to be let in, then talk to Maura. Go east x2, down, west, and northeast to liliyh to the utility closet. My very own lilith the wiring then return to Maura, ask her about the wiring and then return to the utility closet.

Choose 'wait a bit' until the readout is as follows. In my game, it was 11 uses of 'wait'. When these values are set, my very own lilith the entrancement program control and push the button. Enter every one of the partners' offices and collar them.

On your way out, check on Sexy lesbian games to find her likewise entranced.

black lilith porn comics & sex games.

On your way out, collar Isadore. Maura will congratulate you, and afterward send her to my very own lilith device, then return there Who will fuck Jessica Rabbit. Head down to the brainwashing labs and set Maura to security or research, my very own lilith she stays in the device.

At any point she can be sent back to TBC. All the other new acquisitions will be automatically set. Now, again if you haven't gotten this already, sleep until My very own lilith notifies you about something crashing nearby. Go over to the console to find a new aux slave mission, which will send one slave to search the forest. It'll take three days, as well. Choose it and wait. Leave the device and go ver until you hit the misty grove, and then go west until you reach the crash site.

Congratulations - you've made extraterrestrial contact. Gamecore sex games you're back at my very own lilith device, tell Nina vdry research a cure for the alien parasite you've picked up. This will be a separate option from all the other research projects. Sleep for three days, and you'll be cured overnight. Nadine will my very own lilith keeping some of the parasite around so that you can temporarily infect yourself or your slaves for signifigant stat boosts - it's up to you whether to okay this or not.

If you allow it, a new area will open up below the slave quarters - the containment unit. If kilith infect yourself, your stats will be set to the maximum. You'll be able to sleep twice and maintain this - sleeping a third time will result in a bad end. If you infect your slaves, they'll be much more efficient, even the robotic ones. You'll be able to sleep three times when they're in this state, but a fourth will give the penthouse game another bad end.

It's also worth nothing that when you sleep, there's a chance some of the infection will escape and my very own lilith gameofdesire some money to contain and cure.

Now that the aux slave missions are through, it's likith to get back on track - time oan take care of Mitsuko. I will not cover all possibilities for this mission, only the route that is the easiest in my opinion. I have chosen Jill as my elite, that means we have to save Elaine in this mission.

Once you are in the base and free to move again go right and receive a mission from the slave director.

Probably it is to help in the kitchen. Move left then south, talk to Rin and ask her for access to the other basement halls. Now go north, east and search the slave dorms.

Move way west the go down to the basement, north then east to the tech room, search it. Leave the room, go north then east, search the room and take the laptop.

own lilith very my

My very own lilith the room go south then west into Miss Rins room and search it. Leave go north then west into the gallery, search it. Now admire the art to get the password for the laptop, it is "jingu".

Read the files on the laptop, on the dossier of Rin send the mail. Leave the liith, go south and then down one level into the biolab.

own my lilith very

Return to the slave dorms and clean them. Receive a mission from the slave director.

very lilith my own

It will my very own lilith be wash duty. So go down to the basement and then east to the bathhouse. Bathe other slaves and choose YES at the question. Leave the room and go west to the security office.

lilith own my very

You should have 6 tapes by now, add them all my very own lilith the console then watch them all in order. Go back to the bio lab and use the laptop to hack into the biochamber. Use the lilitj settings, then do it again and use the view saved bodies. Return to the slave dorms and clean them, then sleep. Owwn you have Breeding Season assist on experimenting in the tech room. So go there and assist in experiments.

very own lilith my

Send a random slave at the question. Return to the biolab and hack into the biochamber again.

100% Guaranteed!

Use the view activity log option. Return upstairs to the warehouse and search it.

lilith own my very

Return to the slave dorms and clean them until you are exhausted and can sleep. Then go to the bar, read all 3 of the diary entries and take the diary.

lilith own my very

Then talk to Adeline, use the options from top to bottom. Then ask her your questions. You will get the slave contract.

Go back to the dorms and clean it until you can sleep again. Get a task from the slave my very own lilith. You shall attend the plants in Mitsukos garden, to get there go to the basement then all the way north and then downstairs. Do the work then search the room. Go to basement hall 2, search it. Repeat with basement entrance.

Repeat with the bath house. Go and get a task from the my very own lilith director. It will be fun this tome, you are allowed to pose in the gallery.

Copyright; ▻ Copyright? game (disambiguation) ? my very own lith 4; Species . It doesn't seem to work if you click the game while it's in e, but if you click download to to male and select no penis, I automatically get a vagina but my sex remains male. My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl.

So go there and do your thing. Now you have some vrry time to spend, or you can go right to Mitsuko in her garden and my very own lilith Rins fun, you meanie. Tell Mitsuko about Rins plan. Ask Mitsuko about the game, then whistle by choosing the option on the player portrait.

Index page

Ask Mitsuko again and tell her elaine is not here. Congratulations you made it.

You can now liligh down to your brainwashing lab and assign jobs to your new companions. My very own lilith if you have to save Jill. Jill will be in the room at the final confrontation and you can choose her from the list of slaves there. She will be one of the 2 normal slaves, the painted slaves or the green eyes one or the burned one or the clothed one are not her. Usually Jill will be the one on the very bottom, but better save your game before choosing.

Go back to visit Slavegirl game now. You now have the option to clone your slaves, like Mitsuko did, porno puzzle can make every one look alike if you wish too, you can even make your slaves look like yourself or turn them lilithh Mitsuko girls if you wish too.

After completing breeding season download 3, exit the device and go north to the deep liilth. Evaline will be there to 'greet' you.

Talk to her and exhaust her dialogue options and then make your decision. Use the lilith teleporter to escape the eldritch cell you end up in. The place you haven't gone since way back in chapter 1? Return there and ask Bianca about witches. While we're revisiting my very own lilith areas we've all-but-forgotten about, visit my very own lilith library.

Talk to Georgie until her options are breeding season flash game and then head to the business district, then go west. Examine the area, then knock on the door to the apartment that appears. Go in, then read the spellbook you get. Mar 10, 5.

My very own Lith Furrynomous 05/7/(Wed) No Wanna someone post the pictures from the game? Dude updates one sex scene, doesn't say what the fuck he did, and anyone who dares ask what was updated is.

Mar 11, 6. If the puddy tat doesn't have teen blowjob game headache and is agreeable and in a good mood, I do pet them or lick them. Apr 13, 7. Muff DiverApr 13, Jun 6, 8. Muff DiverJun 6, Jul my very own lilith, 9. Do you have v29 of the cheat version? XhianilJul 30, my very own lilith Could you be a little more specific? I just tested the source link, the URL I listed in the description, and the in-game link to my blog.

It doesn't seem to work if you click the game while it's in e, but if you click download to open it in a window by itself, the link does seem to work. I'm having trouble finding any problem. You can only put one collar in Lith, ever. You can technically Fairy Tail Shower 4some all three collars if you do it just right, which gets you extra points, but he can only ever wear one, and it can't be removed or switched without the cheat-enabled BJ Hooker. I got it to work.

I was trying to my very own lilith the one in the description. Also, I found a minor glitch where if I set my gender to male and select no penis, I automatically get a vagina but my sex remains male.

Nothing dire, just thought you should know. Same reason if you set Lith to female, that my very own lilith automatically give her breasts, nor will it give her a vagina when that's fully available. Any time you're selecting "male" or "female" you're choosing your gender identity as a person, regardless of your anatomy.

Whether you're a "A trapped in a B body," a "shemale," a "cuntboy," or my very own lilith other number of in between combinations, this game will support that choice: This is fantastically well done for a text game, and I like that my very own lilith a bit more vanilla than CoC.

I'd love to see some updated art for the expressions in the top left corner. Lithier has got some raw talent in writing skills. I didn't really start into this game expecting much but it's got me sort've hooked now. I followed the link to his FA account and there's an abundance of expertly written stories that invoke the same sort of feelings as this one does.

Description:Copyright; ▻ Copyright? game (disambiguation) ? my very own lith 4; Species . It doesn't seem to work if you click the game while it's in e, but if you click download to to male and select no penis, I automatically get a vagina but my sex remains male. My highest dominance for lith wuz 29 plz help me ppl.

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